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Four party approved finger foods

Got the mid-Fall blues? These party approved recipes will bring you back to summer days relaxing with family and friends.

Roasted carrot-potato ginger soup

Dive into this, silky smooth carrot potato soup with warming ginger and garlic. It's so simple all you have to do is roast, blend and serve!

Grace’s granola

Dive into this toasty, flavor filled coconut and nut granola.
photo by Grace Vance

Quick and Easy Tofu Scramble

Try this recipe out for a fun spin on the traditional scrambled egg dish. This recipe, filled with fluffy tofu, caramelized onions and golden-turmeric infused will not disappoint.

No-Bake Date and Nut Bars. Two Flavors

These naturally sweetened, chewy and guilt-free treats are perfect for Valentine's Day.
photo by Grace Vance

Garlic Ginger Curry Soup

Craving something warm and comforting during this bitter winter season? This Garlic Ginger Curry Soup is the answer.