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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pursuit of Happiness

Curtright endures hardships by endless joy

Despite experiencing bullying and low confidence in his old Indiana school, senior William Curtright has true happiness now that he lives in Columbia and learned where his worth comes from. Holding onto a steady...

Milyo shines of joy and love

Junior Audrey Milyo is shy and quiet, but has a joy that shines in everything she does. A passion for love and companionship deep down allows her to grow and care for others deeply...

Life lessons from Maryam Bledsoe

In this installment of "Pursuit of Happiness," learn how Bledsoe is taking advantage of her life.

Olivia Rothwell, a fountain of positivity

Junior Olivia Rothwell is an infectious lover. Her goal is to let her happiness exude onto others and be a reliable helper for everyone around her. As an optimistic, cheery girl, she also went...