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The Op/Ed section allows writers of the staff of Bearing News to express their opinions about important topics. Whether these issues are locally relevant, nationally impactful or simply one that is important to an individual writer, readers of Op/Eds are given opportunities to read opinions and arguments of a variety issues. These Op/Eds can be commentaries, personal anecdotes expressing opinions or life lessons, or editorials, argumentative pieces in which writers express their opinions.

A Christian’s perspective on public school education

Students are only taught one of two popular options and don’t receive the standard American right to choose what they want to believe to be true for themselves.

Journalism will always be a necessity

Though journalism has seemed to have lost meaning in present-day society, it is a necessity in keeping the nation moral and telling the stories that would otherwise be ignored or unheard of.

Gary Johnson failed the Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party had it's best chance ever at moving into the mainstream in 2016, but then Gary Johnson happened.

Stars take fashion risks at the Grammy Awards

Get caught up on the best and worst-dressed celebrities at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.