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The Op/Ed section allows writers of the staff of Bearing News to express their opinions about important topics. Whether these issues are locally relevant, nationally impactful or simply one that is important to an individual writer, readers of Op/Eds are given opportunities to read opinions and arguments of a variety issues. These Op/Eds can be commentaries, personal anecdotes expressing opinions or life lessons, or editorials, argumentative pieces in which writers express their opinions.

Despite forensic testing availability, justice system fails rape victims

There exists a country where every 98 seconds, a citizen becomes the victim of rape. In this country, victims have the option to undergo...

Why teenagers shouldn’t grow up yet

When I was in kindergarten all the way through fifth grade almost every day had something worth celebrating. I would bring in candy for...

Movies stretch the truth over the screen

Commentary on how some movie producers tend to stretch the authenticity of a nonfiction story to fit the expectations of the audience.

Plant more flowers to save the bees

Bees are crucial to our very existence and daily lives, but our actions are forcing the insects into extinction. The Department of Etymology at...