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Editorials offer readers of Bearing News the opinions and arguments of Bearing News’ staff writers. The subjects of these opinions may range from nationally controversially to locally impactful topics, and are written with the goal of informing and inspiring the public. Each editorial is read by the editorial board, the co-editors-in-chief and the adviser, of Bearing News before publication.

Student Loans: What we know, and is there a better solution?

It’s graduation and finally high school seniors have made it. Some even have been accepted into their dream school and will be leaving in...

Practical arts credit should not be necessary for CPS students

RBHS students must have enough practical arts credits to graduate. This requirement, however, is unfortunate, outdated and must be reformed.

Mental illness shouldn’t be self-diagnosed

Mental illnesses like OCD and depression are often taken lightly, belittling the constant battle those afflicted fight with.

Don’t let history repeat itself…again

America's past isn't the brightest part of the country's history, and President Trump's new tariff plan may lead the nation to yet another historical disaster.