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Editorials offer readers of Bearing News the opinions and arguments of Bearing News' staff writers. The subjects of these opinions may range from nationally controversially to locally impactful topics, and are written with the goal of informing and inspiring the public. Each editorial is read by the editorial board, the co-editors-in-chief and the adviser, of Bearing News before publication.

Logan Paul video highlights major YouTube issue

Vlogger Logan Paul's highly controversial suicide video shocked the internet, but what does it say about YouTube itself?

FCC vote on net neutrality could spell devastation

Money is, has been and always will be the filament for pursuit of new grounds. Profit has always driven companies to adjust policies. In the...

Got issues? Just blame Obama

Barack Obama is indeed a dangerous figure. So dangerous, in fact, that his wickedness is responsible for each and every problem in our universe.

California bill trivializes severity of HIV transmission

California governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill which reduces the punishment for intentionally transmitting HIV, a heinous crime which should be addressed as what it is: a felony.