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Special Reports

Special reports provides colorful, in depth coverage of the world. To current events, to global controversy to intimate looks, special reports supplies news and features packages to give truly holistic coverage.

Guns taking over lives

The morning of Dec. 12, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, parents woke their children up, packed their lunch and hugged them before they sent them to their elementary school Sandy Hook. Twenty eight of those...
daria lee

Students weigh class difficulties

The struggle is indeed real for many students when it comes time to decide whether to take an Advanced Placement (AP), honors, or on-level class. Each year all students have to make the choice...

3 letters determine perception of future

Students lament on the excessive use of standardized tests in modern education and the increasingly stressed importance of them in students' lives and goals.

School system evolves as perfection is not yet achieved in education

The American education system is busted, or so say the policy elites. Even the average citizen questions the current path of the American education system. The founders of the XQ Super School Project put...

Students balance grades and passions

School work and cello practices. The two used to be easy enough to balance for freshman and musician Hope Keithahn, but the transition to high school altered several aspects of her life. Keithahn came...
Photo of counselor consulting with student

Students struggle with mental illnesses in schools

Certain high school students like junior Nikki Briggs have experienced the negative effects of mental illness. During Briggs’ freshman year, it was hard for her to understand the disorder she was battling, and she...