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Special Reports

Special reports provides colorful, in depth coverage of the world. To current events, to global controversy to intimate looks, special reports supplies news and features packages to give truly holistic coverage.

In a world of negativity

The joy of positivity Three years ago, junior Katey Klucking’s life came to a sudden stop when she learned that her grandfather had lung cancer. As she sat in the living room with her family,...

Food insecurity threatens local community

A shocking one out of every six residents of Columbia, Missouri will run the risk of going hungry. Efforts are being made to change that statistic, but what can feed Columbia?

Culinary classes create professional bakers in high school

While some pupils study calculus and world history, others are becoming chefs. The CACC culinary classes create a highly competitive, and successful group of future restaurateurs.

Social media changes cravings in users

Social media has influenced nearly every part of life, even making its way onto the dinner table. From recipes to food bloggers, platform of Instagram has challenged and strengthened traditional notions of what looks tasty.

Early Answers give peace, problems

The philosophical debate of whether or not it is better to know or be unaware that something bad will happen has always been around. But in the 21 century, the technology finally exists to look into the future to predict disease.

Genetic quirks provide remarkable skills

The word 'mutation' usually brings to mind disabilities and X-Men, but genetic changes are also key to the interesting skills that define people.