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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Girls' Soccer

Lady Bruins compete in St. Dominic Tournament

The RBHS girls soccer team competed in the St. Dominic Tournament from April 24 to 27, winning two out the three games in the tournament.

Lady Bruins snatch victory in penalties against Pleasant Hill

On April 20, the RBHS girls soccer team took on Pleasant Hill High School at home. Read about the home matchup for the team here.

Girls’ soccer defeats Battle 2-0, improves to 8-2 season

With the RBHS girls’ soccer leading Battle 1-0 in the first half, senior Molly Gunter’s goal within the first 10 minutes may have seemed impressive. The low scoring 2-0 game, however, gave coach George...

Girls’ soccer scores 2-1 win against Jefferson City

On Tuesday, April 11 Girls soccer decisively defeated Jefferson City, with most of the action happening in the first half. The victory means a 7-2 record for the team.