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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Track & Field

Shoes and backpacks stored in the atrium

Runners prepare for upcoming track season

Though track season doesn't start for months, runners are preparing by meeting and setting goals. The season officially begins in March.

Bruins begin postseason

The regular season for track is coming to an end as the team heads into Saturday’s district tournament at Lee’s Summit High School. Coach Neal Blackburn has a great amount of confidence in his Bruins’...

Track and field succeeds with high marks

As the end of season approaches, the sport's athletes continue to compete for qualifying times and personal bests.
Hopkins takes off on a cool down jog after a rewarding workout on the track.

Track kicks off season at COMO opener

The boys and girls track teams kicked off their seasons at the COMO Opener on Mar. 18, emerging victorious in a list of events.