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‘Mon Amour, Mon Ami’ fails to deliver impactful story

Ann Fitzmaurice
Honestly, I have no idea what went on in Mon Amour, Mon Ami. At first I thought it was a forbidden love story in which...

‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ equipped with satisying 3D visuals, rushed plot

Luke Wyrick
Throughout the years, originating with the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie made in 1974, Leatherface has been a horrifying product of mass murder that...

‘Comic-Con Four: A Fan’s New Hope’ provides laughs, engaging narratives

Kira Lubahn
SPOILER ALERT Pow! Welcome to the world of Comic-Con! Morgan Spurlock‘s new documentary, “Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s New Hope,” intertwines the narratives of several...