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trisha chaudhary

There’s a reason

Brittany Cornelison
  [tabs active=”5″] [tab title=”Escaping the system”] [heading size=”20″]Trafficking victim finds voice, shares story[/heading] [dropcap]A[/dropcap]t 14 years old, when most kids are just hitting puberty,...

Southpaw: What Next?

Emily Franke
Dreams for the future fill our minds from the time we enter preschool. Fantasies of potential colleges, professions and lives grip our thoughts throughout the...

‘American Hustle’ plot confusing but acting spectacular

Trisha Chaudhary
Since the trailers came out, American Hustle has had everything going for it. With a director that previously made the Oscar-nominated film, Silver Linings Playbook, and...

Vandalism at CACC spurs police report

Trisha Chaudhary
Smashed and broken pots and overturned plants greeted Columbia Area Career Center Greenhouse Production teacher Sherie Rodekohr Monday when she arrived at the greenhouse. Assistant director,...

Boston suspect chase sparks reaction from students

Maria Kalaitzandonakes
One RBHS student's parents were participating in the marathon...